Fuji XE2, Street Photography, XF 27mm
Street Photography

Fuji XE2 & XF 27mm Street Photography

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Walking through my old stomping grounds was sort of like returning home in an abstract way.

Total déjà vu, as I didn’t perceive any noticeable change in anything. The streets looked the same, the people looked same and its almost like if time had frozen.

Fast forward to today and here I was roaming the streets hunting down images with my new kit comprised of the Fuji X-E2 and the new king of street photography lens, the Fujinon XF 27mm.

Here are your setting for a very sunny day: Set your Auto ISO controls to 200–6400 with a minimum speed of 1/500, set your aperture at 7.1 and let the hunting begin.

Here is a sampling from today’s escapade. Honest street photography, up close and personal.

All images processed in Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop CC


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