Shooting like Daido Moriyama in action

I recently received an email about what I'm doing with the Ricoh GRD III and questions of the sort as:

1. How is it?
2. What settings etc.

So I figured I'd write a post with one of the styles I'm currently using, we'll call it "Daido Style."

Daido Moriyama in action with the Ricoh GR1

Its actually quite simple. Walk up to your subject as Daido is and full press snap at any of the desired distances, I usually have mine set to 5m or sometimes infinity. The Ricoh GRD III is simply a great tool which has become for me an extension of my eye. The shot below literally took me 1 second.

Eyes Closed — Ricoh GRD III

I see it, I go for it, and I get most of the times.

In my humble opinion, I think its all about trusting your instincts, knowing your gear well, and developing a style you find comfortable.

I'll be continuing this series which will be titled "The Daido Effect"

24 responses to “Shooting like Daido Moriyama in action

  1. Great quiet energy in his face. As if you caught this as he was absorbing a gust of wind.

  2. nice shot. love the textures here.

    Black and White Maniacs

  3. Rated RAW by the RAW Street Photography group
    (comment & give RAW logo to 5 – 10 images for every 1 post)

  4. wicked The World Through My Eyes

  5. a really strong capture and moment,

    I would love to invite it into a different group,

  6. Another great shot Jorge. Again a great range of tones.

  7. wow good shot and capture

  8. Thank you togs, I really appreciate your insightful responses. Its definitely a nice little digicam that can truly be taken anywhere, anywhere, to shoot up close and personal. I could have never done this with a dslr of any kind, unless I’m all zoomed from across the street and that as you already know me, its not my style. I prefer close, close, close action, nothing beats these moments.

  9. Excellent shot, very sharp. Nice grey tones.

  10. Amazing Work.
    thank you for taking part in Black &White – magic and essence."Portrait" Comp open.(award 2)

  11. a ”Courageous Street Photography” worthy capture 8~)

  12. I call this Guerrilla Photography at its finest!

  13. Its certainly working thats for sure these are awesome :)

  14. Great picture!
    Amazing Work.
    thank you for taking part in Black &White – magic and essence."Portrait" Comp open.(award 2)

  15. Thanks everyone for all the love :)

  16. The socks, the grizzly face..wonderful composition. Damn fine skills!

  17. Great detail and I love the expression, Wow!

    viewed in the RAW Street Photography group

  18. Another top shot, amazing tones & detail. The GRD3 is a great tool.

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