Rafa Marquez joins the Collective

It is with great pleasure that I announce the latest member of the Origami Collective ― Rafa Marquez. Rafa hails from Spain and has been shooting shooting the X-Pro 1 for a few years already and I believe he’s become one with his camera, but don’t let me tell you about it, head over to his profile to admire his great documentary and urban work.

Cuba Bound

An island unknown to many but rich with a filled history. Hatuey, the Dominican indian chieftain, traveled to Cuba to warn the people of the atrocities the Spaniards had committed in Dominican Republic and that they were on the way to Cuba as well.

Well fast forward a few centuries and here we are with Cuba, a country rich with history, birthplace of the Mojito and home to the world famous Cohiba and Partagas cigars and to top it off, some of the most beautiful beaches and people in the world and still not a lot people know it.

Adding a Leica grip to the Fuji X100s

How to add a Leica Grip to the Fuji X100s and X100

I’ve been under the radar for a little, too much going, and life just keeps rolling on but today I wanted to share with you a little modification to help you with your X100/s experience.


The more and more I play with Exposure 6 (can’t wait for version 7 to arrive) the more I fall in love with it.

The Rig: Keith Goldstein

Who are you and what’s your profession?

My name is Keith and I am a photographer. I mostly exhibit my work these days, but I enjoy shooting corporate seminars/events and shooting stock when I am in that frame of mind. I also work as a photo editor for a large photo agency.

Storyboarding with Dave LaBelle

Feeling inspired by Dave LaBelle and his great book The Great Picture Hunt 2. Its full nuggets, things that have to be said and explained, and no one better the Dave to guide you through this journey. He’s writing is electrifying.